When people bring up the topic about online identity versus real life identity, questions and doubts follow. After I watched David So’s Youtube video on “Vlog 128: FACEBOOK FRONTIN!”, it gave me a new perspective on online identities, such as people who post things to manipulate their image to show off their “amazing lifestyle”. They can get really attached to the idea of their fake life and …


… while others stay true to themselves and remain the same across their social media accounts.

This video made me question online identities and more importantly made me question my online identity. So I looked into my social media accounts and the way I portray my own lifestyle online.

When I look into my accounts, such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and more, I do see myself to an extent. But different social media platforms call for a different approach in expressing who I am.


The things I share on Instagram are what I call life moments, or a captured moment. I usually post accomplished goals, once in a life time experiences, highlighting special moments and reflecting on a life experience. My special captured moments are the moments I enjoy in life and want to remember dearly. Events such as prom, graduation, spontaneous trips to LA, a 5k run or more!


All of my posts have something to do with my identity and how I express and live my life. The posts are a reflection of who I am and what I do. There are no manipulations on my Instagram to show anything else besides the true me. The pictures explain more than one may think! The photos of my spontaneous trip to Los Angeles with my friends shows that I like having adventures! I went to Los Angeles just to travel and explore Disneyland! The Golden State Warriors photo shows that I am a supporter of the Warriors and I enjoy watching basketball. A 5k Neon Run with my best friends shows much more that you’d expect. I’m not an athlete but I do enjoy a fun 5k run. My prom and graduation photo shows my accomplishments in my life. Prom was definitely a highlight and bonus. There are more photos to be explored and posted to express myself.


Snapchat it’s a completely different story from Instagram. Snapchat is where I would post silly small life experiences and daily encounters. Snapchat is a way for me to take people along with me throughout the day. I would not be able to do that on Instagram because it would be obnoxious to keep posting very 2.5 second about my daily encounters. Therefore I turn to Snapchat, my friends and family are able to see what I do, who I encounter and where I go. I would post what’s happening with my friends, family, myself and the general public. I also would post my locations, my favorite food, coffee shops and where I would go on a normal basis.

2015-11-12-23-22-26giphysnapchat--6986254907157312548giphy copy 2snapchat-5815757649297674192giphy copysnapchat-4031023627396157859

Snapchat is different from other platforms for me. Since the things I post on snapchat disappears after 24 hours, I would post a lot to take people along with me. The way I see it is to let people feel like they are next to me or with me with the things I share. On this platform I do not have to post goals and highlights of myself. It’s where I post the less important details of my life. Although it may be considered less important details, it is a representation of me.


Facebook is another completely different story. I view Facebook as a professional setting where people such as job organizations, recruiters, and more would stalk you for information. Therefore, I do not post on Facebook a lot. Also, I only use it to check my groups with the organizations I am apart of, chat with friends or look up events. The way I portray myself on Facebook is really different but I am still true to myself. I may share articles and bring awareness with friends, but most of the time I use Facebook for behind the scenes work such as messaging my friend, browsing for articles, and inviting my friends to events. I am only active behind the scene because I rarely post anything on Facebook.

2015-11-12-23-17-04 2015-11-12-23-16-56 2015-11-12-23-16-49 2015-11-12-23-20-17 2015-11-12-23-20-39 2015-11-12-23-20-57

Yik Yak

Yik Yak is a little bit different from all of the social media platforms above. Yik Yak is a platform for people to make complaints, comments, and rants about anything anonymously. For my case, I use Yik Yak for rants and small complaints. Although all post are anonymous, it still screams my name when I submit a post. It is a way for my to let out some steam and tell the world what is bothering me. I express myself in my rants.

2015-11-12-23-40-56 2015-11-12-23-41-20 2015-11-12-23-41-34


So yes, I would say this is me. All my social media websites are a reflection of me. They are different parts of me, just like how a person can be different depending on the circumstances. Setting the limit for myself of what to post and where to post is how I keep in control what I share. It’s an online version of choosing wisely what to say to whom you say it to.

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